Thursday, May 25, 2006


Last Post (for a while at least)

Senior year-that epitome of High Schooldom-is almost here. Until it arrives, we'll have to survive......DUN DUN DUH.....summer. Thank goodness. Speaking of which, I'm leaving for Kenya on Sunday. I won't get back until late June. I'm glad I had such a great year with everyone. I'm glad I got to know so many people better. I hope you all have excellent summers, and I'll see you when I see you.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

My dad had made a very special order a few weeks ago. He ordered a Thompson Machine Gun, also called a Tommy Gun. It arrived a couple days ago. So today, Father wanted to test it out. We went up to the lake, where all the firearms undergo rigorous "practice sessions". While my dad blew imaginary targets apart, Joel Benson and I were fishing. I was surprised and actually caught a bass. While I was reeling it in, my dad yelled, "Bring it where I can see it!"


My dad shot the fish. While it was in the water. He severed its spine, and it slowly stopped flopping. It was kind of sad, until I realized that it was hilarious. I love my dad.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


According to Plan

Sometimes, I wish God would tell me what exactly he has in mind for me. I know everything follows His well-ordained plan, but the pieces are a little rough around the edges; they don't seem to fit. Obviously, God is teaching me something. For one, he's teaching me to be thankful. Thankfully, no one got hurt. Thankfully, the airbags didn't deploy. Thankfully, I wasn't driving the Camaro. Thankfully, Jr. Sr. was still a lot of fun. The food was good. Ashley's party was a lot of fun too. Those who didn't play DDR missed out. I discovered that JP is pretty good at Karaoke. I'm rambling now, so I think I'm going to wrap this up. I hope I learn what God wants me to, before he has to give me another lesson.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Empty Feeling

Ode to the Seniors
by Robbie Summer
The school is like an empty shell,
A very quiet empty shell.
The hour that tolls fourth is especially quiet,
And I know that God has blessed us this day.
There's my very weak attempt at blank verse poetry. Honestly though, it feels different without the seniors. I think that I miss them. Sigh....oh well. At least the juniors are still around. They're possibly the coolest class ever. I look forward to going on Senior trip with you guys.
P.S. This is my fortieth post. That's like a landmark or something. Sweet.

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