Saturday, January 28, 2006


New Post

Blah. There's nothing to write about. Tell me something interesting that happened to you. That will have to do.

Friday, January 20, 2006



Everything that happens was planned. God knows when each of us was born. He knows when we'll stumble. He knew Vanderjagt would shank a crucial field goal. However, everything that happens also has a purpose. I truly think that God was giving me (and many others) a wake up call. I was devoting too much of my time (especially on Sundays) obsessing over an unimportant game. Yes football is great, but it should by no means be a priority in our lives. God should always come before everything that we "think" is important. I regret that the Colts lost, but from eternity's standpoint, does it really matter? Enjoy what God has given us, but love Him more.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Quiz of Doom

This is just a little quiz/survey to find out whether or not you will succeed in life. There are 10 questions with two possible answers. Good luck!

Do you prefer...

1. a) Star Wars b) Star Trek

2. a) Colts b) Bears

3. a) Hamburgers b) Pizza

4. a) Kleenex b) Puffs

5. a) Movies b) Reading

6. a) Cubs b) White Sox

7. a) Bacon b) Sausage

8. a) Soccer b) Basketball

9. a) Manning b) Brady

10. a) Stabbing your own eye b) Adv. Physics

Time's up!

Count up how many of your answers were "a" and use the following scale.

1-4 You should question whether or not you're human.
5-7 Better, but you still have much to work for.
8-9 You've nearly reached perfection.
10 Congratulations! You'll do great because you're just like me.

P.S. If anyone picked Tom Brady over Peyton Manning, I no longer know you.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Overused New Year's Topic (that I will also use)

On New Year's Eve, 12 people, including myself, enjoyed a rousing Halo 2 ....... thing. It was enjoyable. Trenton arrived late exclaiming, "I brought women!!" Which he did. That was kind of odd. But anyway, We stopped long enough to watch the ball drop. Then we resumed killing each other. It was fun.


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