Tuesday, December 20, 2005


No More Finals

Other than our random nonsense tomorrow (12-20-05), school for the year of 2005 is over. Finished. Kaput. (I think that's how you spell "kaput.") Finals are over. On the subject of finals, English was the easiest final I've ever taken. It was great. Anyone who sees Mrs. Borgman must thank her for relieving us from the evil that is high school grammar. We only had literature on our final. Thank goodness. Anyway, other than the Napoleon Dynamite dance, I've got nothing to worry about (for two weeks anyway). Let the laziness begin!

Also, to anyone who reads this blog, I hope you have a great Christmas Break. I know I will.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


High Stakes Ransom

Today, in the waning hours of schooldom, I kidnapped the donkey from Mrs. Toth's manger scene. If she doesn't give everyone an A, the "Yule Mule" will kick the bucket. For those wierdos who don't know, that's slang for "die."

By the way, the bowlers won their match tonight. We killed BC. Twas' fun and Christmasy. Bowlers ROCK!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005




Friday, December 09, 2005


3rd Snow Day in the History of Faith Christian School

The best thing about snow is, of course, snow days. Lately, many discouraging words were being spread around the school. Many students doubted that the hard working high schoolers of Faith Christian would ever get a "break" from school with a snow day. I distinctly remember someone (who will remain nameless) saying, "Someone would have to die in a freak ice/snow related car accident on their way to school in order for us to get a snow day." News flash: Last night, I watched the Polar Express, and before we turned off the TV, we checked the local channels. Sure enough, it said "Faith Christian School- 2-hour delay." I went to bed a happy man. I woke up happier at 10:00 because there was no school. The first present of Christmas has been given (if you haven't seen the Polar Express, that was a sappy reference to a line from the movie.)

P.S. I'll admit. I was the one who doubted that we'd ever get a snow day. I'm sorry. To make it up, click on this link and then click on the video link. The maker of this video has way to much time on his hands.


Saturday, December 03, 2005


Christmas Bush

Today, after the horrendous cold death that was the Monticello Christmas Parade, we went out to buy a Christmas tree. We were going to cut down our own tree and take it home. What fun! Not. The best tree there was about 6 feet tall. What?!?! That's not a tree! That's a shrub! That's something you put in a pot on your sidewalk! And to make things worse, they were going to charge us 90 friggin' bucks for it. To make the most of my time, I crafted snowballs and smote each of my family members with one. That was all right. Now I must return to the evil Literature project that just WON'T GO AWAY!!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Uneasy Feeling

I'm sure everyone is aware that Christmas is just over three weeks away. However, to get to Christmas, we must survive...


FINALS. They're only two weeks away. That bites. But... once those are over, we can all forget everything we learned over the past semester, splurge on sweets and Christmas ham, and we can give each other crappy presents with sentimental thoughtfulness attached to them. Hooray for Christmas! It's nearly here!


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