Saturday, September 30, 2006


Taste How Much I Care

I work at Culver's (for those of you who didn't know.) As of yesterday, I have worked there for just over 2 months, and I think I like my job. Sure, it's not the most exciting place in the world, but
1. I like my co-workers and managers
2. It's busy there, so time doesn't seem to draaaaaaaaag out.
3. They have good food, and I get decent discounts on it.
So yeah, that's my life in a nutshell right now. Since I have tons of time, I work. At least I'm making money, right?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Great American Ball Park and the World's Largest Umbrella

September 22 was the first day of fall. Less importantly, It was my brother's birthday. He got some pretty cool gifts. He got the first season of Animaniacs-aka the greatest cartoon ever-on DVD. He also got to go to a Cubs game in Cincinatti with a group of his friends. Since he's a great brother, he let me go with (I didn't even have to threaten him).
Any way, we get to the field, sit in our great seats, and then stand by the field hoping one of the Cubs players will notice us and sign something. Dave tried to get Matt Murton's autograph, but Murton completely blew him off. It was hilarious.
Then it started to rain. At first, it was light, and we played "Dodge the Raindrops," a game I invented. When the game started, the lady in front of us pulled out this huuuuuuge umbrella that completely blocked our view...all the while neglecting to use the hood so conveniently placed on her jacket. Then the people behind us started bashing on the Colts. Stupid people. Probably Bengals fans. Then it started raining harder. After five innings, it was pouring. They called the game *sigh* and we had to drive Satan's Thunderstorm. We made it back all right....even though my dad kind of fell asleep at the wheel and drove 13 miles on the wrong interstate. Oh well. It was a lot of fun, and freshmen aren't too least the guys aren't.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


One Good Day

Saturday....for the first time in at least a month, I had a "good" day, for three reasons really.
1. I got paid $35 for parking at Purdue while parking at Purdue, and a guy ran a golf cart into a chain link fence. That was funny.
2. I spoke with some people that I hadn't talked to in forever. Some hope that had been lost has been slightly restored.
3. I got a couple very nice letters. One is personal, and you will never know what it there. The other was a letter of acceptance from Purdue. I have been accepted to the School for Aviation Technology. I'm happy. My life might actually have some structure to it after this hectic year is over.
Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who's been praying for me. I wish it hadn't taken me getting suspended to realize who my friends really are.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Keep the Change

My brother had a birthday a couple months ago. He spent some of the money he got on Relient K's Mmhmm. Being the good brother he is, he let me borrow it for a while. One of the songs could have been written about me - "More Than Useless." The chorus goes
And sometimes I think that I'm not any good at all
And sometimes I wonder why, why I'm even here at all
But then you assure me
I'm a little more than useless
And when I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once
Sometimes, God gives us something that's more than we think we can handle, something that makes us change. Change is good, so make sure you keep it. I'm going to.

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