Monday, April 30, 2007


A Dying Art

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy blogs, but the facts are clear....not many people use them any more. It's sad really, because they're quite fun. Alas, unless this great method of communication is revived, I will no longer use mine. So I bid all adieu.

Robert E. Summer

Alas and alack, your statement is all too true for most high school age people now since the advent of facebook. However, I still write regularly on my blog and I have recently come across a few friends from college that are still into the blog thing. But it seems that the high school/college-age people I know have passed on to facebook/IM (do people even do that anymore even?)/text messaging. I guess you have to be over 22 to appreciate the blog anymore.

At least that's where I stand from my perspective! ;)
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